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District 7

There are 33 condos in District 7 of which, 3 were freehold projects. In the last 36 months, a total of 1042 private property transactions were completed. District 7 has been the most valuable player (MVP) of Singapore's private property market over the past decade. The development of the Ophir-Rochor corridor has been a key driver of renewal in the area, leading to higher prices per square foot than even District 1. The average price per square foot (psf) in District 7 ranges from $1,395 to $2,753, reflecting a substantial increase of 97.3% over the past decade. This growth has outperformed many other districts in Singapore, making District 7 an area of significant interest for property investors.

Browsing by districts is very useful for understanding price trends but can sometimes be disorientating as some condos maybe in different districts despite being a street apart. This is often because of the way the districts are subdivided in the past. If you're having trouble orientating, you might want to browse by MRT stations instead.

Condos and ECs in District 7

Further analysis

District 7, also known as the Rochor / Bugis area, is a vibrant and diverse district in the Singapore property market. It is characterized by a colorful kaleidoscope of high-rise office buildings and old-world charm, making it an attractive location for both commercial and residential properties. Over the past decade, District 7 has emerged as a standout performer in Singapore's private property market, experiencing significant appreciation in property prices.

Despite its strong performance, it's important to note that District 7, along with the rest of the Singapore property market, is subject to various factors that can influence its future trajectory. Government interventions, such as the Additional Buyer’s Stamp Duty (ABSD) and Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratios, have historically been used to regulate the property market and could impact demand and prices in the future.

Investment potentials


  • Unique location: Boasting historical charm, trendy shops, and proximity to Marina Bay, the district offers a distinct lifestyle appeal.
  • Developing area: Ongoing projects like the Ophir-Rochor corridor rejuvenation and the Kampong Glam revitalization could boost future value.
  • Government initiatives: Investments in public transport infrastructure and green spaces might further enhance the district's appeal.
  • Diversification options: The mix of shophouses, apartments, and commercial spaces allows for diversified investment portfolios.


  • Lower rental yields: Compared to District 6, average rental yields are slightly lower, potentially impacting investment returns.
  • Market volatility: While less susceptible than the CBD, the area might still experience fluctuations during economic downturns.
  • Limited future appreciation: High initial prices and potential development saturation might restrict future price growth compared to other areas.
  • Older infrastructure: Parts of the district have older infrastructure, potentially requiring higher maintenance costs for older properties.

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