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District 6

There are 5 condos in District 6 of which, 0 were freehold projects. In the last 36 months, a total of 693 private property transactions were completed. District 6 has experienced a steady increase in property prices in recent years. The average price per square foot (psf) reached an impressive S$3,297 in 2023, marking it as the district with the highest average psf among all Singapore districts. However, it is worth noting that the growth rate slowed down in the past year compared to previous surges.

Browsing by districts is very useful for understanding price trends but can sometimes be disorientating as some condos maybe in different districts despite being a street apart. This is often because of the way the districts are subdivided in the past. If you're having trouble orientating, you might want to browse by MRT stations instead.

Condos and ECs in District 6

Further analysis

District 6 in Singapore, which includes the areas of High Street, Beach Road, and part of the Downtown Core, is a prime location in the Singapore property market. The district is known for its mix of commercial, residential, and cultural spaces, making it an attractive area for property investment. While there are limited residential properties in District 6, it is home to high-end residential developments such as Eden Residences Capitol. The district's proximity to the city center, cultural attractions, and commercial hubs contributes to its appeal.

The analysis also suggests that the very idea of what constitutes a "central" location and commands a premium price is evolving, influenced by factors such as decentralization and remote work. This evolution has implications for property markets in central districts like District 6. Additionally, the analysis points out that District 6 prices can be quite volatile due to the limited number of residential properties in the area.

Investment potentials

District 6 offers several compelling reasons for investment. Its prime location within the CBD not only provides unparalleled convenience but also translates to potential capital appreciation. The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Master Plan 2040 further envisions improvements to the CBD, which could significantly boost the long-term value of properties in this district. Additionally, the strong tenant demand from professionals and businesses ensures a reliable and stable rental income stream. The limited supply of land in District 6 is another factor that works in favor of investors, as it is likely to drive continued price appreciation. Furthermore, ongoing government initiatives such as the Marina Bay Downtown Line extension and the Kampong Glam revitalization are expected to further enhance the appeal of this district.

Despite its many advantages, investing in District 6 comes with its own set of challenges. The high entry cost is perhaps the most significant barrier for many investors, as prices in this district are among the highest in Singapore. For instance, a 1,000 square foot apartment could cost around S$3.3 million, requiring a substantial amount of capital. Moreover, being part of the CBD makes District 6 more susceptible to market volatility, particularly during economic downturns. A 20% price correction, for example, could translate to a significant loss in monetary terms. Additionally, rising interest rates pose a potential threat to investor demand and affordability. Even a modest 1% increase in interest rates could lead to a considerable rise in monthly loan payments for property buyers.

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