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In fact, what if you were able to see exactly how much the unit transacted for at launch and everytime it changed hands since then?


Interlace, Blk 190, #11-20

14/01/2010No previous transaction$2,198,000$896 psf2454 sqft11-20
06/10/2010Profitable$2,527,620$1,030 psf2454 sqft11-20
22/05/2011Profitable$2,570,000$1,047 psf2454 sqft11-20
21/07/2016Profitable$2,750,000$1,121 psf2454 sqft11-20
05/09/2022Profitable$3,550,000$1,447 psf2454 sqft11-20

The Sail at Marina Bay, Blk 2, #06-09

25/06/2008No previous transaction$1,168,000$1,307 psf893 sqft06-09
24/11/2010Profitable$1,600,000$1,791 psf893 sqft06-09
05/04/2015Unprofitable$1,468,800$1,644 psf893 sqft06-09
05/03/2020Unprofitable$1,430,888$1,602 psf893 sqft06-09

Treasure at Tampines, Blk 1, #03-01

22/07/2019No previous transaction$1,010,000$1,235 psf818 sqft03-01
23/03/2023Profitable$1,220,000$1,491 psf818 sqft03-01

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