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Find the latest private residential property transactions. Over 23,000 transactions sourced from URA over 50 years. The residential property transactions are enriched with over 300 proprietary and public datasets of GSI (Geo-Spatial Intelligence), traffic signals, routing data, consumer search trends and many others.

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For accuracy, we source all raw datasets for private property transactions directly from URA. Once a caveat has been lodged with URA, you will see it reflected here within 24 hours.Learn more about URA caveats.

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Who is involved in a Singapore property transaction?

In any Singapore property transactions, the main parties involved are the buyer and seller. Property agents may be involved to represent either the buyer or the seller. Other parties involved may include conveyancing lawyers, appraisers, auctioneers, and the Council for Estate Agencies.

How to check last property transaction price in Singapore?

To find the latest property transaction for any condominium in Singapore, simply search for the condo or executive condo's name in the search bar on Property How Much. You'll get comprehensive and up-to-date details of all property transactions.

How many property transactions are there in Singapore each year?

The number of property transactions in Singapore can vary each year. In 2023, there were 20,182 property sales transactions.

What is the GST for property transactions in Singapore?

Residential properties are exempted from GST. However, the sale and lease of all commercial and industrial properties are still subjected to a 9% GST rate.

What are URA transactions?

Property caveats ldoged with the Singapore Land Authority (SLA) are commonly referred to in Singapore as URA transactions. This is because almost all property sale and rental transactions in Singapore can be found in the "Caveats Lodged" section of URA (Urban Redevelopment Authority) website. By reviewing these private property transactions for resale and new launch properties, we're able to better understand price trends, pinpoint promising locations, and make informed investment choices.

What is REALIS URA Data?

URA's Real Estate Information System (REALIS) is a comprehensive database of market data that allows you to analyze property prices, rentals, vacancies, and supply across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors to identify untapped opportunity. However, REALIS comes at a hefty price tage of $1960 per year. If you would like to tap into similar investment data and insights, try PropertyHowMuch today for free.

How do I best use URA resources?

Here we help you leverage URA resources to the fullest to onfidently navigate the Singapore property market. We enhance the data provided by URA with GSI (Geo-Spatial Intelligence), traffic data, algorithmic models, predictive analytics and more to provide the deepest and most reliable insights to help you stay informed about market trends, and make well-informed investment decisions.

Why use Property How Much?

Property How Much streamlines the property search by presenting essential information in a clear, concise, and user-friendly format. It filters and analyzes URA data, saving users time and effort in navigating complex datasets. It also goes beyond raw data to provide personalized recommendations and insights. It considers individual needs, preferences, and budgets to suggest suitable properties, investment strategies, and cater to specific financing options.

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