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Condo & EC prices by MRT stations

Train stations in Singapore are a relatively reliable indicator of property price points. The island is largely connected via the rail system with improving last-mile transportation. While the government is committed to improve accessibility with initiatives like "45-minutes city" and "20-minutes town", the train system remains indispensable in everyday commutes.

Moreover, MRT stations in denser neighborhoods like Paya Lebar, Tampines and Jurong East tend to be magnets for commercial and retail activity. In these areas, stations are often surrounded by shopping malls, offices, community and green spaces. As a result, proximity to train stations generally leads to higher price points.

However, other factors like the type of rail network and accessibility to industrial, commercial, and employment opportunities also play a significant role. For example, there is a noticeable price difference of around 30% between LRT and MRT stations. LRT networks complement the main MRT networks by reaching otherwise inaccessible areas, but this can result in longer travel times to business hubs and neighborhood centers, reducing their price potential.

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