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As an investor, you might be looking for empirical evidence to support your investment thesis, calculate the right buying price or maximise rental income. Right now, you’ve got to download information from a dozen sources and spend days wrangling data into spreadsheet. If the investment target doesn’t pan out, you’ve got to start all over again.

As a resale property buyer, there’s literally no good information out there. Agents are constantly hammering on how much better and more profitable buying a new launch is. This creates a Principle-Agent problem where the information presented may often be biased or poor quality. It’s therefore crucial for you to be able to easily fact-check the information against an independent source.

As a seller, don’t you wish you could keep a finger on the market pulse - especially if it means knowing if the area is trending up or down. Putting your property on the market at the right time is just as important as making the purchase at the right time, right price. If the stock market have alerts, why shouldn’t a million asset have it too?

As a first-time buyer, you might have a tight budget and capital appreciation is important for wealth building. Also, it doesn’t help that there’s constant information overload from agents, to family members to the incessant harassment of Instagram and YouTube ads. It’s hard to get a clear view of what’s out there within your budget and the ability to narrow down your search with precision.

As a person renting in Singapore, it’s just pretty awful all around. It should be as enjoyable as searching for an Airbnb, but because sales transactions dominate most of the revenue generated in the Singapore property market, it’s not possible.

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