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Top 10 MRT stations with the lowest condo prices

Where can I find affordable condos near MRT stations?

(Updated weekly)

Amid the skyrocketing mortgage rates and property prices in Singapore, it can be hard to find anything affordable.

Like you, we were looking for a way to find the MRT stations with the most affordable condos, but we couldn't find anything on the internet. So we made it!

Based on transactions in the last 36 months, we look at prices and transactions of condos within a 5-minute walk from each MRT station.

Trx - Sales transactions, Condos - Number of condos within the search radius

Click on each MRT station to view a list of condos located around that specific station. If you're curious about the rest of Singapore or want to filter and sort the data on your own, explore complete list of condo prices by MRT and LRT stations.

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