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Sengkang MRT Station (STC/NE16)

Compare 6 private properties (Condos and ECs) by PSF, leasehold, and age within 2km walking distance from Sengkang. Prices of properties in this area average $1267 per square foot. Sengkang is a interchange connecting Sengkang Light Rail Transit (East Loop), Sengkang Light Rail Transit (West Loop) and North East Line. Use our lists to make the best informed decisions and narrow down your search for the right property.

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Sengkang Light Rail Transit (SKLRT)

The Sengkang Light Rail Transit (SKLRT) is a 10.7-kilometre light rail line that serves residential areas in Sengkang New Town. It is operated by SBS Transit and is the second LRT system in Singapore. The line opened on January 18, 2003, and uses the Crystal Mover rolling stock produced by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

These are automated people movers with rubber tires, operating in single-car or double-car configurations. The line consists of two loops that serve the eastern and western parts of the town. Sengkang station, located in the town center, is an interchange between both loops and the North East Line.

The LRT operates in both directions for both loops. It was developed to provide convenient transportation options for residents and complements existing bus services in the area. The LRT runs on elevated viaducts throughout its route.

North East Line (NEL)

The North East Line (NEL) is a driverless and high-capacity MRT line in Singapore. It is underground and runs from Central Singapore to the North East regions. The line is 19.2km long and has 16 stations, starting from HarbourFront (NE1) and ending at Punggol (NE17). It was the first fully automated underground heavy rail line in the world when it opened and uses a radio-based CBTC signalling system. The rolling stock operates in six-car formations and is based at the Sengkang Depot. By 2024, the North-East Line extension (NELe) will add an additional station (NE18 Punggol Coast) in the Punggol Downtown area. This extension was brought forward by 6 years from the original 2030 plan.

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