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District 5

There are 120 condos in District 5 of which, 75 were freehold projects. In the last 36 months, a total of 4389 private property transactions were completed. One of the key attractions of District 5 is its proximity to various amenities. The area boasts a mix of residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, making it a desirable area for both locals and expatriates. It is a popular address for local homebuyers due to its abundance of good schools and educational institutions. Additionally, District 5 offers a wide range of food joints, cafes, and sports facilities, catering to different interests and lifestyles.

Browsing by districts is very useful for understanding price trends but can sometimes be disorientating as some condos maybe in different districts despite being a street apart. This is often because of the way the districts are subdivided in the past. If you're having trouble orientating, you might want to browse by MRT stations instead.

Condos and ECs in District 5

Further analysis

District 5 in Singapore, encompassing the areas of Buona Vista, Clementi, Dover, Pasir Panjang, and West Coast, is a vibrant and sought-after location in the Singapore property market. With a total of 1803 properties for sale, District 5 offers a diverse range of housing options, including private residences and mature HDB estates. This district is known for its strategic geographical location, well-planned residential estates, high-quality educational institutions, and excellent transportation connectivity.

For those interested in investing in landed properties, there are 78 landed properties for sale in District 5, providing attractive opportunities in the real estate market. The district also offers a range of condominium options, suiting different budgets and preferences, making it an ideal location for individuals or families looking to enjoy the perks of condo living.

Investment potentials

The potential for residential developments in District 5, particularly in the Pasir Panjang area, is influenced by various factors. The scarcity of land in Singapore has led to a focus on increasing the intensity of land use. As a result, it is believed that the likelihood of new residential developments in the area is rather low. Instead, there is a possibility of the land being utilized for recreational or commercial facilities to complement the existing residential spaces and promote more activity in the area.

The development of the Jurong Lake District (JLD) adjacent to District 5 is a significant factor that is expected to have a spill-over effect on District 5 in terms of land appreciation and increased tenant demand. JLD is being positioned as the second Central Business District (CBD) of Singapore, and its emphasis on decentralization and creating a holistic ecosystem in the West is likely to impact the future plans for the Pasir Panjang area.

The Pasir Panjang area, part of District 5, is expected to experience future growth and development, particularly due to its proximity to the Greater Southern Waterfront. While the specific nature and timing of these developments are speculative and may take decades to materialize, the potential for increased amenities, convenience, and capital appreciation in the area is considered high.

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