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Expo MRT Station (CG1/DT35)

Compare 11 private properties (Condos and ECs) by PSF, leasehold, and age within 2km walking distance from Expo. Prices of properties in this area average $1113 per square foot. Expo is a interchange connecting Downtown Line and East West Line. Use our lists to make the best informed decisions and narrow down your search for the right property.

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Downtown Line (DTL)

The Downtown Line (DTL) is an underground, driverless MRT line that connects the North-Western and Central-Eastern regions with the new downtown area. It will be approximately 44 km long with 36 stations, running from Bukit Panjang (DT1) to Sungei Bedok (DT37) via Downtown (DT17).

Currently, 34 stations are open for passenger service, from Bukit Panjang (DT1) to Expo (DT35). Hume Station (DT4) is currently a shell station and will open in 2025 after being refitted.

A future extension, known as the Downtown Line Stage 3e, will extend the line from Expo to Sungei Bedok (DT37) via Xilin (DT36) and is set to open in 2025. This extension will connect with the Thomson-East Coast Line and the future East Coast Integrated Depot, which will accommodate trains from the East West Line, Thomson-East Coast Line, and Downtown Line on different levels.

Another future extension, the Downtown Line Stage 2e, will extend the line from Bukit Panjang to Sungei Kadut and is scheduled to open in the mid-2030s as part of the Land Transport Master Plan 2040.

East West Line (EWL)

The East West Line (EWL) is Singapore's second MRT line, connecting the eastern and western ends of the island via Central Singapore. It is operated by SMRT Trains and is the longest MRT line, spanning 56.6 km with 35 stations, from Pasir Ris (EW1) to Tuas Link (EW33). There is also a separate branch line, the Changi Airport Branch Line, which links Tanah Merah to Changi Airport via Expo. The majority of the line is elevated, but it goes underground in the Central Area and near the Airport. Trains also go underground between Bedok and Kembangan for a short stretch below New Upper Changi Road.

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