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How to find freehold condos?

A freehold condo in Singapore refers to a type of property ownership where the buyer owns the property and the land it sits on indefinitely. This means that there is no lease period involved, as opposed to leasehold properties (99-year) where the buyer owns the property for a specific lease term.

Freehold vs Leasehold

Freehold condos are often more attractive and appealing to Singaporeans because of the sense of ownership and control over the property. While there is never any guarantee that freehold properties will always enjoy a high property value appreciation, holding a freehold property often means you’re not racing against time.

With 99-year leasehold properties, you’re often experiencing much high lease decay and depreciation over time especially at the 20 and 40 year mark. However, it is important to note that there are numerous instances where leasehold properties have seen far great appreciation than freehold ones because of other factors like location, facilities, landscaping, unit layouts, etc.

How to find freehold condos in Singapore?

Strangely enough, there is actually no straightforward way to find them. Your best bet is probably to search for “freehold condos” in Google which would probably yield a bunch of listings from PropertyGuru / 99co and a bunch of stale articles about them.

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably looking for a laundry list (“a long or exhaustive list of people or things.”) of freehold condos in Singapore that you can slice and dice to your heart’s content.

We had the exact same sentiment.

How to find all the freehold condos in Singapore?

On Property How Much, we’ve not only assembled a list of all the freehold condos in Singapore, we’ve also brought in additional data such as the nearest train station, average price psf, min / max price psf and much more.

Go to our list of Freehold Condos. Here you’ll find a table of all the freehold condos in Singapore. The data in this table is updated daily so you’ll never have to worry about stale or outdated data. New launches are also automatically added. Bookmark this page and come back any time!

Once you’re here you can easily sort by any of the columns to find interesting projects that might not previously been on your radar. One way that we love to use this table is to sort it by transactions. This will give us a view of the most popular freehold properties in the market right now.

Most of the projects with this many transactions are usually new launches (we know this from their TOP dates). One of the great things about this view is that you can get a great sense of how much the market is priced at across the board.

Searching for a specific condo

This happens to all of us. You remember that a project is definitely freehold but you can’t for the life of you guess its name. Well, you can now search by train station and see if you happen to spot it. If not, you can also try typing the random letters you remember into the search and this would limit your search to just freehold properties.

Learning more about each condo

If you’d like to learn more about each of the condo, simply click on the row. It will bring you to a deep dive of the project’s transactions and details. There, you can compare the project to nearby properties to see how it measures up.

On top of that, you’ll find that all of the project’s past transactions have been grouped into various ranges of square footage. By grouping similar transactions, we’re able to see how particular unit layouts have performed over time. From here, we’re also able to see which unit types are more popular or appreciates / depreciates faster.

In this view, you can also examine the data over different time horizons. Very often, examining price changes over different time horizons often present a very different picture, especially with low transaction volumes. For example, between 2018 and 2021, the price for this unit type might fallen a 2.67%.

But if we examine the price performance over a much longer time horizon, we’d be presented with a completely different outlook.

With freehold properties, it is even more critical to look at price performance over a longer time horizon. Generally speaking, while leasehold properties tend to peak at the 10-year mark due to lease decay, freehold properties shine after 20 years. A lot can change in its environment over 2 decades. If a property is well-designed and can stand the test of time, it might find itself to be a very attractive option whether its because of its size, landscaping choices or just a really great location.


When looking at freehold properties, you must understand that you’re in it for the long haul. If you looking for a quick flip, you’re probably much better off trying it with a leasehold property. Freehold properties provides a mechanism for those with holding power or wish to stay in a spot long-term while enjoying some capital gain.

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