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Saturdays: 2nd March 2024 Edition

Tired of the same old scandinavian, minimalist, zen, muted tones that seem to dominate Singapore's interior design scene? Every Saturday, we'll bring you a set of tastefully curated visuals that's aesthetically daring yet awe-inspiring.

Tall, dark and moody

With an aesthetic deeply rooted in the essence of early 20th-century Boston and drawing parallels to the prestigious Harvard Club, the space balances modernist and classical elements: travertine carved block arches, oak flooring in a herringbone pattern, and sage-green banquettes swooshing around the room beneath dim midcentury-inspired lighting. The Long Bar The Long Bar The Long Bar The Long Bar

Windows are always a mood

Our private collection of beautiful windows around the world. Overlooking SF Daylight windows by the lake Meditations by the river

Lamp that's breaking the internet

Bet you didn't think you'd meet a lamp that would make you feel this way. The Kismas Lamp is truly something else. Kismas Lamp Kismas Lamp Kismas Lamp

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